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|CREATE|VE Day medals

As Friday marked 70 years since VE Day, T and I had a day of learning all about 'Victory in Europe Day' and made this little project as a way to acknowledge and thank the brave servicemen and women who fought so hard to keep our freedom.

I was very sad that Grandpa didn't make it to celebrate this anniversary so we made him a medal and stuck it on his photo.  I'm sure he's looking down on us and knows we went to the effort to appreciate his part in ww2.

You will need:
Cardboard (we used recycled food packaging)
Kitchen foil

First T drew around a small glass to make a circle.

Which he then cut out.

We measured how much foil we would need.

And then wrapped the card in the foil.

After looking at lots of pictures of medals online T then drew on a picture.

We attached the ribbon to the back of the medal and voila!

This was a lovely little craft to bring history to the present day, it's sad we had no-one to present our medals to in person, but it did open up a host of other activities for our VE Day learning - post to follow'

These medals would also be great for competitions and Olympic days or for any other war anniversary, like remembrance.  See more remembrance ideas here.

Can you think of any way I could extend this project?  I'd love to hear from you if can.