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|CAPTURE|children's travel journal

I'm showing you something a little different today for papery peep.

I found Hayden's travel journal from 2010 when we took the teens to the Isle of Wight for a weeks holiday.

I created the main book for each of them, provided some stickers, patterned paper, cards etc all in the envelopes in the pages, so that they could create a a record of our trip (we had also created similar more basic scrapbooks for previous holidays) 

Each night the children had some down time to write in their journals, they left spaces for any photo's that they wanted to include and used post it notes to a mark where photos should be.

I added some guidelines at the beginning of the book for them and to help them get the memories written down.

I provided areas, where they could draw and add photo comparisons.

It's funny to think that when the Teens were creating these, we had absolutely not idea that T was going to come into our lives.

Each date has its own diary day, with a journaling prompt to help them.  10 year old H was a boy of few words and was far happier drawing pictures to express his day.

There's plenty of room on each diary page for photos to be added.

I added some logs in the back including spending logs, places we ate, places we visited, wish lists etc.

In this particular journal I included a quiz and a map with stickers to denote where we had visited.

I created something similar although a bit more basic for T for our Bluestone trip.

I love having these books to look back on, I in fact have some from my childhood which I remember lovingly writing on our numerous caravan holidays.

I hope you've enjoyed this months papery peep, I've certainly enjoyed the trip down memory lane.


  1. I love this idea - what a brilliant way to capture memories of holidays. Will definitely have to remember this for when my children are a little older :-)

  2. Ah, this is lovely, a great idea and way to preserve the memories :) Thanks so much for sharing with #PaperyPeep x

  3. What an absolutely fantastic idea and one that I will most certainly be doing! #paperypeep

  4. What a great way to capture memories - and have them create something to embarrass them with at a later date too, you know when his first girlfriend comes round or at his wedding. He won't care though (really) as he'll remember what a great time he had making it #paperypeep


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