|ACHIEVE|weekly focus - 18 May | LarabeeUK

|ACHIEVE|weekly focus - 18 May

Oh b*gger I'm late again! I'm linking up to Vicky's Goal setting for greatness linky again albeit a couple of days late!
This weeks weekly focus
Use editorial calendar and plan posts - Yes must continue this!
Continue to schedule tweets this works so well, need to ensure I do it every day. - this really is working well for me, carry on as I am.
Respond to comments within 48 hours - must try harder c/f
Schedule posts for next week whilst we're away, 1 each day! - didn't do this but so far I'm ok, 3 days down 3 posts published.
Arrange visit to Studley park for Monday - scrapped this as can never get through to the contact. :(
- New for this week -
Join in 2 new linky's (apart from this one)
Post in Facebook groups
Use Klout more
Take lunch break - most days I did this!
Make packed lunch - I did but the Hibs didn't! 
Drink water - ummmm no c/f
Use commute more effectively - no
Catch up on podcasts - yes
- New for this week -
Be more patient with T during tantrums

Make packed lunches every work day - on there twice!
Plan clothes for Bluestone next week - yes
Plan meals and food box for Bluestone next week - yes
Find camera charger - yes
Create T's holiday journal - yes
- New for this week - 
Nothing!  We're on holiday ;)

Get there, get the job done and get home!
Don't sweat the small stuff!
- New for this week -
Nothing!  We're on holiday, what's work???
Single Mother Ahoy Goals for Greatness

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  1. Setting goals is such a good idea and it sounds like you're doing well with yours. I've been working on scheduling tweets a lot more recently although like you I still find myself getting behind with catching up on comments! Hope you have a lovely holiday :-)


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