|ACHIEVE|weekly focus - 11 May | LarabeeUK

|ACHIEVE|weekly focus - 11 May

So how useless am I? This post should have been ready for Vicky's Goal setting for greatness post Monday morning, but here I am Wednesday at 02.51 doing it!  Oh well, I'll eventually find my flow.

This weeks weekly focus

Use editorial calendar and plan posts
Continue to schedule tweets this works so well, need to ensure I do it every day. 
Respond to comments within 48 hours - ummm still struggling with this 
Schedule posts for next week whilst we're away, 1 each day!
Arrange visit to Studley park for Monday

Take lunch break
Make packed lunch
Drink water
Use commute more effectively
Catch up on podcasts

Make packed lunches every work day
Plan clothes for Bluestone next week
Plan meals and food box for Bluestone next week
Find camera charger
Create T's holiday journal

Get there, get the job done and get home!
Don't sweat the small stuff!
Single Mother Ahoy Goals for Greatness