|#wotw|happier! - 17 April | LarabeeUK

|#wotw|happier! - 17 April

I've had a challenging few weeks, and as I'm trying to be more positive I made a conscious effort not to do a word of the week until I had something positive to say and was out of the doldrums!

This week things have really picked up.  We've re-established T's bedtime routine, and that's lead to a much happier 3 year old and much happier parents!

The sun is shining every day and so everything seems happier.

I'm back to regular blogging so the frustration of missing posts has gone, so I'm one happier blogger!

Yesterday I received this months Happy Paper Box, wow, love this one!

My appointment for my blood tests finally arrived so hopefully my medication will be sorted out and I'll start to feel better and in turn happier.

So that's it from me.  Things are looking up xx

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