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|THE LIST|weekly round-up week 15

Today (Sunday) is going to be my blog planning day from now on, so I'll see if that relieves the pressure a little.
- 2 new review opportunities sealed this week
- 1 campaign opportunity ending this week
- My favourite post this week is the 50 things that make me happy post, thanks Becky for tagging me.
- 1 review post this week, beets blu heart rate monitor, fab! A real motivator, cheap and so easy to use. Post scheduled for later today. 
- My most popular post this week was 50 things that make me happy
- 6 posts published so far this week (including this one) 2 scheduled for later today
- Scheduling still going well, seeing most traffic through Twitter posts.  Considering running some through the night as I have a number of readers in the US.
- Facebook engagements are picking up, not sure if that's thanks to me putting in more effort or some good friends commenting though.
- Becky and I had a busy and successful #parentideaswap on Monday.
- Happy that comments and #toddlerapprovedtuesday comments are all done again, no big Sunday morning catch-up.
- traffic up again, joined back in with a few linkys I'd forgotten about so think that's helping. I finally realised that for me is not writing posts to fit linkys it's about linking up if I have a relevant post.  Seems simple but in the past this is something which has caused me a lot of unnecessary worry!  And I find myself trying to come up with a post to fit a popular linky.
- Not enough time and energy, that's all ;)
- Haven't felt any better this week, but as appetite is really low, dropped 4lb!
- T's routine is still out.  Tonight we're getting back on track.

- #30minutepurge is going really well, the house is getting spring cleaned little by little.

- T is getting really bad at putting toys away, so that's going on his reward chart.
Happy for a quiet but productive week.

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