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|THE LIST|weekly round-up week 14

Planning and making an effort, have really paid off this week.  Not a surprise, but wow, it's so hard being a blogger with a day job!

- 1 new review opportunity sealed this week (let down on 2 which haven't turned up and no response from the contacts)
- 2 new review/campaign opportunities applied for
- 2 campaign opportunities WIP, 1 ending this week
- My favourite post this week is the Our April... post, lots of promise of things to do this month.
- 1 review post this week, non-alcholic wine, surprisingly good!
- My most popular post this week was #toddlerapprovedtuesday followed by London zoo visit
- 8 posts published so far this week (including this one)
- I have been scheduling this week, both Twitter and Facebook! I'm constantly seeing more followers on Twitter than unfollowers so I'm guessing that 'bombarding' isn't the issue I used to be concerned about, thanks Aby for highlighting this in Develop a killer social media strategy, I really do owe most of my 'growth' to Aby's 'Blog Club' series
- misplaced Brit, pointed me in the direction of her new series 'Strategy Saturday' so I'm trying to make friends with Facebook! Check it out, it's well worth a read.
- the hubs is keen to get more involved! He's been coming up with ideas and planning for a vlog series for when we're in Bluestone and has been working on some small DIY projects, I'd love to have him involved, it was always meant to be a joint venture.
- I was featured in 'through the make-up bag' over at www.bloggermumma.com
- Managed to keep up with blog post comments within 48 hours and replied to all #toddlerapprovedtuesday a huge relief and didn't take up 2+ hours of my Sunday morning :)

- Let down by some review ops again this week, I guess this is part and parcel of the review gig.

- The Hubs is driving again.
- The Hubs has managed to play golf, albeit with a buggy, another hurdle over though!
- The new day job is going well and I'm sticking to my contractual hours.
- The hubs has been getting up in the night with T - unheard of!
- Can't get into doctors for blood tests until 16 April, so looks like I'll be feeling pants for at least a few more weeks.  Feeling pants is becoming normal.
- T has decided that his bedtime routine is out the window and wants his Daddy to cuddle him to sleep, we think this is because The Hubs is at home far more for bedtimes since he was poorly but could be the fact that it's light when he goes to bed.
- We've BOTH been making more of an effort to keep the house tidy.
- I've started my month of 30 minute a day purges, so far so good.
- Meal planning went out the window, too much waste and too much spent.
Pleased that this week has been productive.

And... not for this week but tomorrow night *shameless plug alert*

Just a little notice for you, tomorrow, Monday 6 April is the April #parentideaswap twitter chat, 8-9pm Becky and I will be talking this week about 10 minute activities for your little ones, so please do pop along and join in the chat.  A linky will be open on Monday here and over at 3princesses1dude for you to link up any blog posts you may have.
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  1. Ah thanks you for the mention my lovely. I am so glad the posts are helpful. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

  2. Busy week bless you enjoy the help and hubs xx

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