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|FUN|plaster of paris 'fake' cupcakes for play dough

Our friend Nicola aka multicraftingmummy is celebrating her first blog birthday this week and we were honoured to be asked to create a guest post for the occasion.  I actually can't believe that multicraftingmummy has only been blogging for a year, it's an amazing blog and has so many wonderful ideas for crafting with your children.

I created some re-usable plaster of paris cupcakes that you can decorate with play dough time and time again.

Head over to crafty kids at home, by multicraftingmummy to see how.

You can find all of multicraftingmummy's blog birthday posts here, so do pop back later in the week for more celebratorary fun!

Multicraftingmummy can also be found at -

Multicraftingmummy are a must follow for all crafting mummies!

I'm linking this post into #toddlerapprovedtuesday this week.


  1. Aww, so cute! Love the cupcakes, a great idea and happy birthday multi crafting mummy! :) x

  2. Oh I definitely need to head this way, I need some more craft ideas to do with the toddler!! #toddlerapprovedtuesday xx

  3. Aww so cute! :) Multicraftingmummy is definitely a go-to-blogger, you know how I feel about crafting mummas! :D I'm off to go and find your post. Ray xx

  4. Oh definitely going to have to check out Multicraftingmummy's blog!


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