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|FUN|Stories for St George's Day

It's been a struggle to get books suitable for a 3 year old which celebrate St George's Day, I've mentioned before that I'm not keen on any form of play/learning which involves killing or hurting, yes I have been know to change history in our house, just until T goes to school!  I appreciate and accept that he will learn the 'real' stories one day, but whilst I can control it, I will ;)

Here are 2 books that we've been enjoying this past weekend, I hope to add to our collection as T gets older and when I remember to do more research instead of leaving it 2 weeks before St George's Day!

His first book, whilst not strictly about St George and the dragon is a lovely tale about a little wizard and a dragon, it leads the child to see the tale of hunting dragons from the dragons perspective and the friendly dragon in this story gets saved by his friend the little wizard, leaving the brave knight to return to the castle dragonless.  

George and the Dragon, is a really great book, I love that George, here depicted as a mouse, defeats the dragon and protects the castle using the dragons fear of mice, I think that it's an awesome spin on the tale which tells the story without the slaying and killing aspect.

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