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|FAMILY|Our March - round up

Well this month has been somewhat of a challenge for our family so it did mean that we were not able to do some of the things we had planned and we also didn't really follow our theme of rainbows.  But nevertheless we did manage to observe a few of our chosen days!!
1-8 National Tea Drinking week (Mummy can manage that one!)
Well I didn't officially observe this one, but I drink tea everyday so I think that counts :)
1 St David's Day
This was the day The Hubs had his stroke so we didn't really get a chance to celebrate.
2 Dr Seuss Day
Because The Hubs was ill we didn't get to celebrate this, I did put together a list of Dr Seuss activities for kids though.
Well what a disappointment this one was!  T insisted on going to nursery dressed as the hulk and take a superhero book, which completely defeated the object, however, due to other things going on with The Hubs I chose to let him win this battle.  We did go and pick out his book though and next year I'm going to try and encourage nursery to ban superhero's and Disney from World book day!
8 Check your batteries day
We had a great time testing all our batteries, this will definitely become a regular occurrence.
12 Plant a flower day
We planted some beautiful primulas for plant a flower day.
15 Mothers Day
We had a nice quiet Mother's Day at home with a yummy meal.  T made me a beautiful card and picture at nursery.
17 St Patrick's Day
We made a delicious St Patrick's Day cottage pie - watch out for the recipe soon!
We all put our odd socks on for Down's Syndrome Awareness Day
25 International waffle day
We didn't get to celebrate this one.
We observed earth hour by playing scrabble by candlelight
30 Van Gogh's Birthday
We copied a picture that Van Gogh painted, hopefully this will be the first of many activities for the Great Artists.

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