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|CREATE|seed papers

We created these fun, bunny shaped seed papers for T's Easter cards this year, the recipient can peel the rabbit from the front and plant in the garden, the seeds should germinate and grow into beautiful flowers - we'll be back later in the year to confirm that they do actually work :)

Though we created bunnies and easter cards, obviously these can be made into any shape and used on cards or wrapping or packaging all year round, just make sure that the seeds will still be in date when it comes to plant them!

Start off by ripping up lots of 'cheap' loo roll or kitchen roll.  We ripped into small squares.  The good stuff holds together too much!!!

Then add water and give it a good mix around and leave overnight.

The next day add the seeds and mix round again, then sieve, squeezing out as much water as you can pack the paper and seeds into a cookie cutter as a mould (sorry didn't get any photo's of us doing this as T needed a bit of help!)

Leave to dry, we left ours out in the sunshine and they dried in a day, but they are ready when the mould easily slips of and they still hold together when you pick them up.

It's as easy as that!  I'm really hoping that these are going to grow nicely.
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