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|CREATE|loo roll castles

T led this cute little activity, we were playing with his Knights and dragons, sort of re-enacting St George and the dragon and he asked if we could make a castle, wow, make a castle, not too much of a tall order then!

Then it hit me!  I raided our box of loo rolls and started forming turrets, T copied, if you look closely you'll see his.  

I just made 8 similar sized slits and the folded every other one in.

I then cut out a bit of card, drew on a port cullis and windows (are they called windows on a castle!?!?) then just sellotaped the castle to the turrets both front and back, as shown above.

I love it when T and I work together to make things, he was so proud and has played for ages with them, I'm sure they won't be going away after St George's day

Maybe next time we should use them with the pirate ship.

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