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50 things that make me happy

So I was tagged by the lurvely Becky over at 3princessesand2dude, she's my bestest blogging bud and quite frankly this came at a really good time. The last couple of weeks have been TOUGH, T hasn't been sleeping and he's been very trying when not asleep, combined with The Hubs being around more I've felt a little stifled, so this came along and allowed me to stop and assess the situation.  I'll be honest I probably could have thought of 100 things so it was difficult to keep to 50 a few from the original list didn't make the cut.

So thanks to Becky for making me stop and think ;)

1. T sleeping longer than 3 hours at a time.
2. Seeing The Hubs when he's been away. 
3. Family adventures. 
4. Sitting round the table when we're all together, eating, talking & playing. 
5. T's smile when he wakes up happy. 
6. Fresh bedding. 
7. A tidy house. 
8. Seeing my dog get excited when I got home from work (I miss this so much!)
9. Thinking about my grandpa. 
10. Watching Audrey Hepburn films. 
11. Watching Steven Seagal films. 
12. Beautiful flowers. 
13. Listening to The Rat Pack.
14. Hearing cute animal stories. 
15. Blogging. 
16. Doing activities & crafts with T. 
17. A large latte, good book and time to myself. 
18. Brunch with The Hubs. 
19. The feeling straight from the hairdressers. 
20. 4.30pm on a work day. 
21. Exploring new places. 
22. Drinking tea and eating cake. 
23. Walking in the sunshine. 
24. The smell of rain on a sunny day. 
25. Picking our own vegetables. 
26. T's excitement when he sees a motorbike. 
28. When T does his 'excited face'. 
29. An undisturbed bath. 
30. Having friends round for dinner. 
31. An impromptu picnic. 
32. Family time. 
33. Impromptu date night. 
34. Pretty stationery. 
35. Lovely pens. 
36. Collecting freshly laid eggs. 
37. Towel cuddling a wet and warm T straight out the bath/shower. 
38. Lazy mornings when we all stay in bed on our iPads. 
39. Reading to T. 
40. Watching T write his name. 
41. When T recognises his own name. 
42. Spending time with T's cousins. 
43. Eating Italian food. 
44. Drinking Pinot Grigio. 
45. A good desert. 
46. T's drawings. 
47. Crafting. 
48. Stroking a dog. 
49. Watching fish swim. 
50. The sound of water running. 

Now for my nominations hope you have time for this ladies x

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  1. Girl, I am so with you on so many of these, especially beautiful flowers and exploring new places. Everyone sitting around the table for meals and just generally chatters and having fun is something I am so keen to get going. I just don't have the space at the moment :( But when (if it ever actually happens) we move out, we're getting a big table and chairs, even if it leaves us skint! Thanks for the tag, wonderful. xx

    1. Ha bless you, you will, one day x Ikea are great for cheap ones if you do ever find yourself with a little space xx

  2. Love this list and now you have made me fancy a cuppa and a huge slab of cake......

  3. Fab list, I also love the smell of rain on a summers day. Thanks for commenting on my Villa Pia post, looks amazing doesn't it. #sundaystars

  4. Love your list! It's just so good to think of these things and no how good things are xx #binkylinky x

    1. Thanks sarah, yes it's great to be reminded sometimes :) x

  5. Brilliant list. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky


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