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|word of the week|sleep

My word of the week this week is sleep or rather lack of it! This week seems to have been even worse than usual in terms of sleep and during the time I was awake I was so exhausted I was totally unproductive. Usually if I can't sleep after being woken by T I'll blog or read or catch-up with podcasts or vlogs but this week I've just felt too tired. 

T's bedtime routine has been disturbed a couple of times this week and it's really made his sleeping even worse than usual.  When he wakes I usually just go into him tuck him back in and leave him to it, this week though, he's wanted cuddles again and by cuddles I mean I have to lay in bed with him and enevitably fall asleep whilst he entwines himself round me so much that I have no way of escaping without waking him (know the meaning of 'coyote ugly? Well this is similar 😉). Then if I do manage to get back in our bed and don't hear him call I find myself waking up in a panic thinking I'm having a night terror of something pinning me down but I wake and it's just T laying on my chest like skin-on-skin time when he was a babe!

So this week I need more sleep

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  1. That sounds a tiring week all round, hope there's some sleep on the way x #wotw

  2. Oh no, that does sound a tiring week. I think sometimes it is good to switch off and just go to bed, though! Hope you get some rest soon x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. I'm with you on lack of sleep! Emma has taken to waking every 2 hours!

  4. I have been tired the whole week too so I know what you mean. I wish you can have the rest that you need soon =) #wotw


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