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|Word of the week|MODERATION

This word is being used so much in our home right now 😊

Everything in moderation is becoming a bit of a mantra for The Hubs and I as we settle into our healthier lifestyle, he's doing much better than me on this and I still need to be more moderate with my alcohol & food consumption!

We need to exercise a little moderation with T's sugary snacking as I've really let him have too much in the past 2 weeks, back to 'normal' now I think.

Blogging for me is something I should be a little more balanced with as at the moment I'm spending every possible minute doing something for LarabeeUK, I just love it so much.  Work really is getting in the way now, which is a shame so nearly all my spare time is taken up with LarabeeUK, I'm so happy I've got into it and am loving the process.  I don't want to be moderate in this area πŸ˜‰

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Mother's Day xx

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