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|ORGANISE|30 ideas for a 30 min purge (declutter)

For April I'm setting myself a little challenge to spend at least 30 minutes a day decluttering, I'm calling this my '30 minute purge' I'm hoping that once I start I will probably continue after the 30 minutes.

I've created this little prompt list for myself so I have a guide as to areas around the house which need doing, some it will just make a start and others will easily be cleared in 30 minutes, I'm sure that most people have these areas in their house and although they might not be as bad as ours!

I won't necessarily be doing them in order I'll just see how I go, this is just a guide.  I'll be posting on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #30minutepurge if you'd like to join in I'd love to see how you get on.  I'll be using flipgram to show before, during and after photos in one post a day.

1. Knife and fork drawer
2. 'Crap' drawer, see picture (come on, we've all got one!)
3. Bedside table/drawer
4. Knicker drawer
5. Magazine rack
6. Plastic boxes cupboard
7. Medicine cabinet
8. A craft drawer or cupboard
9. Bookshelf
10. DVD's/games
11. CD's/iTunes
12. Jars and tins cupboard
13. Bathroom products
14. Freezer
15. Fridge
16. Cords, Chargers & plugs
17. Takeaway leaflets
18. User guides & instructions
19. A toy box
20. Some paperwork
21. Start on a wardrobe
22. Under the sink cupboard
23. Coatrack
24. Car
25. Handbag
26. Under the stairs
27. Airing/Linen cupboard
28. A filing cabinet or drawer
29. Email inbox
30. Photo's

If you can think of any other areas, I'd love you to leave a comment so I can add them on.
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