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|FUN|april fool pranks for small children


This year I thought I'd do a few little April fool's day pranks on Daddy with the help of T.  I've been scouring pinterest and have found 5 ideas here for you to try!

I'm hoping this will be a little tradition we can do each year, I'd love it if T would be able to come up with some of his own when he's old enough.


We shall be doing this one in the shower room for when Daddy brushes his teeth.


We are going to be doing this one with Daddy's shower gel! ha ha ha


Without doubt, Daddy will be picking up the remote control in the evening so just when he thinks the jokes are over, we'll hit him with this one :)

And here are a couple more ideas that I thought were pretty good.



I hope that this has given you some ideas for pranks to do with your little ones, have a great April fools day and I hope you don't get pranked too badly ;)