|#thelist|16 - 22 February | LarabeeUK

|#thelist|16 - 22 February

- 2 new review opportunity sealed this week
- 1 review post published - Mini-U bath products
- My favourite post this week is my 31 'me time' post
- My most popular post this week is my pancake flip game
- 6 posts published so far this week
- tried out Facebook promotions, gained a few more likers
- using hootsuite to schedule posts is really working
- monthly theme for T's activities not really worked out this month
- missed a favourite linky again
- missed 2 blog posts as I wasn't prepared when T was ill
- making an effort to wear make-up & do my hair every day
- Using planners = achieving more!
- T had a party Saturday had to take him on my own, mixed with new parents, feeling brave!
- T's first cinema visit this morning
- T has been poorly, missed bouncy castle fun day
- Missed night out with friends due to the hubs having to work Saturday 
- Very little food waste
- still need to work on packed lunches and preparing the night before
A quieter but still positive week.  Loving being a blogger.
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  1. Like your food waste challenge. I'm trying to do the same so will be following your ideas!

  2. Aww bless you! You're a great blogger :) Lovely to hear about your week the highs and the lows - it's nice to keep it real. We can often only talk about the highs and I like to know that it's not just me that has the lows ;)

    #Thelist xx


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