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|FUN|Erupting hearts

Here's another activity from our 2015 valentines play date.  I actually made these hearts for last years, but we didn't use them so I dug them out to use now.
To make the hearts I added glitter and red food colouring to bicarbonate of soda and just enough water to be able to push into an ice cube mould nice & compact, I left them until dry (maybe a year was slightly longer than necessary though!!) then they just popped out, about 72 hours later.
For this activity I set up a little activity plate for each boy, I added a recycled dropper and syringe and a small pot of white vinegar.

The boys started dropping the vinegar onto the hearts a tiny drop at a time, as you can see from J's face he was quite impressed at the fizzing!
T soon abandoned the dropper in favour of the syringe which made more of an eruption!

After the hearts had all gone, we got out some more bicarb and white vinegar, in total we went through 1 bottle of vinegar and 2 tubs of bicarbonate of soda and another pot of glitter.  The boys enjoyed this even more than the hearts as you'll see from the video clip below!
I really under-estimated how much they would love this activity and Sis and I are already thinking of how we can do it on a bigger scale in the garden in summer for a kind of mad scientists kitchen!
I'll leave  you with the video clip of 2 very excited boys! :)  I'm not entirely sure why it's 'excitement for spiderman' but there you go!

This month we are focusing on love and thanks and will be doing activities, games and creating lots of things to do with hearts, valentines and appreciation.

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  1. Fab craft! will add it to the list :-) - MummysCrochetWorld #toddlerapprovedtuesday

    1. Thanks so much! It's definitely well worth doing although I don't think I'll even bother making shapes, next time they'll just get a pot of bicarb and some vinegar or jif lemon ;)

  2. Looks like so much fun, and love their excitement! Thanks for inviting me to pop by, too :)

  3. Ha a year! What a great activity!!! #SundayStars

  4. Oh look at the joy on their little faces, this is a great idea!!

    Thanks for linking up to #SundayStars

    1. thank you, they did thoroughly enjoy it! x


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