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|COOK|Sweetpea Pantry - playful pizza dough

We were lucky enough to be able to try the Playful pizza dough from Sweetpea Pantry recently.
The description on the website for this product is
'With chia and flax. A vital pantry back-up for everyone's favourite dinner. They need never know you've snuck in some wholemeal, oregano, chia and flax to add goodness!'
So I wasn't sure what to expect, we all love seeded and wholemeal products but would the family like our usual wholewheat homemade pizza base replaced with one which in all honesty has loads of extra added goodness in it!

T and I set about making the base, we used the food mixer to mix ours, the instructions are really clear and simple, and we loved the packaging.  T particularly loved the packaging, he kept referring to it as 'my baking box' so the lovely bright and breezy packaging really won him over!

After the dough had mixed for the desired time, we left it to raise for an hour.
Whilst our pizza dough was raising my little soux chef helped me grate the cheese.
After an hour, the dough had doubled in size and we gave it a good old pounding and started to roll it out!

 We managed to make 2 large pizza based and 3 mini T sized ones (see below!)
I put 2 of the small bases in the freezer, we've used one since, just taken it out of the freezer added toppings and popped in the oven and it turned out a treat.

This pizza was blooming delicious!  The bases really did taste good and were a lot better than our usual go-to recipe, everyone loved it.

I really love the ethos of Sweetpea Pantry and they use the healthiest ingredients and no additives.  These really are great products and I can't wait to try the chocolate giggles which were also sent to us.
You can buy Sweetpea Pantry products direct from their website.  Each bake at home mix is £4.99.
You can find Sweetpea Pantry at:-
Disclaimer: we were sent this bake-at-home mix to review, all opinions are our own.

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