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|ACHIEVE|New bedtime routine

For a while I've been feeling frazzled and The Hubs and I have spent no quality time together at all, we talked about this and knew we needed to do something about it so decided together that it would be one of our goals for 2015.  However, we had no idea how to approach it.
Well in the end it kind of fell into place, over the Christmas & New Year period we stopped T's naps, it really happened quite by chance, but when we'd done a week we both decided, now we know he can do it and doesn't need them anymore let's cut them. When he was not at nursery he was still messing about a bit come bedtime, bedtime used to be at 7.30 with me reading to him and then another hour or hour and a half cuddle & thumb stroke - if we were lucky!  As you can imagine, this left little time for me to relax and little time for The Hubs and I to spend together.  
When T went back to nursery in the new year we started a new routine, no daytime naps, a game, activity & story before a shower, then bed at 7pm with the iPad and 1 20min cartoon.  The deal for him getting the iPad is that he doesn't get cuddled to sleep by me anymore, I know some will gasp in horror at this and I too agree it's not ideal but it works for us.  T is not allowed the iPad in his bedroom so he goes to sleep in our room.
Each night he has his play mat or 'after school mat' as Becky over at 3princessesand1dude has coined the phrase - look us up on Instagram or Twitter #afterschoolmat and join in!   The Hubs usually takes care of the hour before bed which does sadden me a little but I know I have to let T spend more quality time with his Dad to become less dependant on me, I try to see this as The Hubs' time and Friday is 'my quality time'. Anyway, all this waffle is to explain how we've managed to get our evenings back, now T goes to bed at 7 and is generally asleep by 7.15.
We still need to fine tune this routine and get rid of his damn bottle which lasts about 3 minutes until he throws it out of bed! I'm hoping that as he has less and less he will eventually just give it up we'd also like to get him falling asleep without the iPad and nodding off in his own bed but our new routine is 100% better than before.
T still wakes up 1-3 times a night, if I'm really lucky it will be once and I go in to his room and tell him to go back to sleep and he does, if I'm not lucky I wake up with him laying on my tummy and suffocating me but this is rare as I usually wake up when he tries to climb on the bed! Usually he's back asleep within minutes thank goodness.
So that's our new routine, I'm so chuffed with how T has accommodated this change, he's done so well.
I'll be back soon with some a list of things I've been doing in that precious 'me time' I now have!

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  1. thats great you've managed to move on from cuddling to sleep even if its with the iPad you've gotten over the hardest part and will probably be easier to move on from that as well now. My 3 year old still sneaks in our bed every single night! thank you for linking up to #sundaystars


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