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|ACHIEVE|16 stay in date ideas

As I mentioned in my bedtime routine post, we now have our evenings back and so it means that we are now able to have stay in date nights, yay!  Here's a list of dates we plan to have this year sometime, if you have no plans tonight, maybe you could do one of these? 
Stay in Date night ideas...
1. Date night in a box
2. Mr & Mrs game, write questions for each other
3. Chocolate tasting
4. Family games, eg pub quiz, scrabble 
5. Movie night
6. Come dine with me 
7. Pamper evening, face packs, massage etc
8. Anti-Pasti/mezze in front of the fire
9. Wine/beer tasting
10. Cheese & vinyl evening, go through old records or tapes
11. Look at old family photos
12. Create a 'mix tape' playlist
13. Takeaway and TV
14. Make a DIY project together
15. Breakfast in bed
16. Cook brunch on the BBQ together

I've created a simple A4 planner form for us to pop in our Household Planner and add to when we like.

You can download a blank pdf version here or an editable excel version here.
Enjoy your date night!  If you have any other ideas, do leave a comment and I can add them to our list!
Happy Valentines day!

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  1. I love a stay home date night. I'm going to steal your idea for wine and chocolate tasting - any excuse for good wine and chocolate!!
    Our date nights usually involve the PlayStation so this will make a lovely change.

    1. I hope you enjoy when you do your wine and chocolate tasting. We have a wii which we never use so I'm adding that onto our list, maybe a bowling challenge! ;)

  2. Great list of ideas! Although forget breakfast in bed, what about dinner in bed?! Think my favourite one is the chocolate tasting idea.

    Thanks for linking up to #SundayStars

    1. Ooooh dinner in bed is a great idea! That's going on the list now! Thanks for the suggestion x


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