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Well for a week that has seen me not at work and on 'rest' all week I've got an awful lot of things done!

A few things I've done this week are:

I've watched 5 films (well not really productive but an achievement!)
I've secured 5 new blogger ops including a trip to Bluestone in May and 2 other biggies which I'm super excited about!
I've approached/applied for 7 more blogger ops
I've started work on our knitted patchwork blanket
I've finished reading a book I've had about for 6 months and started another
I'm caught up with comments (for a change!)
Written down untold amounts of blog post ideas
Worked on my blog facelift (proving more tricky than I thought!)

Luckily the house was in a decent state and the hubs did the ironing on Monday night so it's been relatively easy for me to relax, catch-up on a few things just for me and try and shift this damn flu.

So whilst I still feel as though I've been hit by a bus, I am feeling rather pleased with myself!

I hope you've had a good week.  I look forward to seeing what everyone else has this week x
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