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|#kidsstickerswap|christmas sticker swap round-up

We had a fab sticker swap at the beginning of December, everyone received their sticker packs in plenty of time for Christmas so there was lots of sticker action going on over on our facebook group.
We had some fabulous cards from Lisa, Hendrix & Cailan, and Hedrix created an awesome dinosaur picture, I love the idea of using art and stickers together.
Becky showed us her children stickering her husbands RC car and a great sticker bingo game she made for her road trip to Bluestone, Wales.

Gill shared a great idea she found on facebook to teach children how to put their shoes on the correct feet, I certainly need to try that one!
Clare's little tots made thank you cards and decorated paper plate Christmas trees with stickers and Georgia showed us how clever she is at sticking within the letters of her name.

Elsie & Rosie in New Zealand made some wonderful washi tape Christmas trees, I love this idea and we'll definitely be making some next year!

Albie & Teddy made some lovely cards, and Albie stickered his baby brother Teddy, who looks so cute!  Albie's Mummy made him a great reward chart to use some of his stickers.

Jack made some fab Christmas placemats for his family.

Caitlin made some lovely Christmas cards too.

We've been busy with our stickers too, we borrowed Hendrix's idea and made some thank you cards by painting sky & hills and adding dinosaurs.
And T tried out his fine motor skills by adding stickers within the number 3.

As you can see we all had lots of fun during December.  We are having a little break for a couple of months, but we are about to get the #kidstravellingcraftswap underway which will be followed by an Easter sticker swap, if you are interested in either of these, just leave me a comment or email me.


  1. We loooooove sticker in our home. My four year old daughter sticks them everywhere. Quite often found on my pillow too! Linking from #weekendbloghop

  2. You are very welcome to join in, just drop me an email if you fancy it x

  3. Stickers are so much fun-my daughter can't get enough of them! It looks like you had loads of fun too :-)

  4. What a cute idea, I think my youngest would love it she is obsessed with stickers x

  5. What a lovely idea, would be a great gift!


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