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|FUN|we're going on a polar bear hunt

We are still continuing our Winter and snow themed month, despite it feeling very little like Winter and having no snow!
This week, we've been on a Polar bear hunt.  Whilst T was engrossed in Scooby Doo, I nipped round the garden and stuck 12 polar bear pictures up.
I asked T if he wanted to go out in the garden (stupid question, he never refuses!) and so he donned his willies and coat and out we went, you can tell how mild it was but the fact his coat isn't done up!

I'd planted a few polar bears on the patio so that he could see them as soon as we went out, but in fact he noticed them through the windows before we even got out the door!

Squealing with delight, he ran straight over and pointed to one of the pictures, no sooner had he pointed at that one, he saw another and ran straight over to that, and so the game went on...

We made our way all around the garden, up to the veg plot and greenhouse and round the front garden too!  I was hoping that we could do this activity in the snow and I could add some polar bear tracks but sadly it looks as though we're not going to get any snow in the foreseeable future.

We had lots of fun and found all 12 polar bears, we then went on to count the polar bears we'd found.

I used polar bear printables from Twinkl who have some amazing resources on their website.  I have used their free printables for a while now, but am thrilled that we have been given free membership in exchange for this review.

Whilst I love creating original activities for T or adapting ideas I see on pinterest, sometimes I just need a suitable printable to support the activity or theme, that's where Twinkl will come in for me.  I love the range of printables and the fact that they are created within the EYFS framework, which is really important to me.
Here's a little bit of info about Twinkl.
"Twinkl Resources is your first choice for easy to use, trusted and high quality teaching materials for educators and parents worldwide - professionally crafted materials with a personal touch."

Twinkl have a great forum and a new tool to create your own resources - twinkl create - at www.twinkl.co.uk/create

They offer three subscription levels to users, one is a free membership that allows access to the majority of our resources; the second is a Gold membership which is a high quality, low cost option at £29.95 a year; and thirdly is the Platinum membership which allows access to all our resources and is priced at £44.95 per year.
Obviously without users subscribing to this service they wouldn't be able to continue making all the lovely resources and paying people to make them!
I've yet to visit the forum or use Twinkl create, but plan to do so in the near future so will be back with a review on those soon.
We were given Platinum membership in return for an honest review, I can firmly say that Twinkl resources will definitely be appearing in more of our activities.
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  1. we love twinkl too - so many fab resources to use x this is a great idea x

  2. What a fab idea, I bet T really enjoyed his time running around the garden searching for Polar Bears. It's great when kids just take to the game you've shown to them isn't it? I'm a big fan of twinkl here too, we worked together to develop our range of educational resources for here on the farm. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.


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