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I've been overwhelmed at the success of the #kidsstickerswap, we now have a lovely little community over on Facebook and it's certainly something that I will continue to host throughout the year, at present I'm thinking 4 including 1 'Christmas' themed swap.
T has loved to take part in the swap and I think it's taught him a thing or two about giving and appreciation.  He loves coming with me to buy goodies for the swap and I think it makes him think about things he wouldn't usually  'do you think my new fwend will like this mummy?' 'Do girls like ninja turtles?' 'Can I pay the lady at the post office?' I honestly believe that it is teaching him lots, and the excitement of opening his parcel is indescribable, he really is thrilled, there could be nothing inside but tissue paper, but for him to receive something which says his name on is priceless.

So onto a new little swap party I'd like to host, the #kidstravellingcraftswap, we all love stickers, I know but sometimes we just need a little bit more and inspired by some craft swaps I've participated in and some craft packs we've received in sticker swaps I've decided to host a travelling craft swap.

So the idea is that I start off with a box of craft kits, supplies, stickers, stationery, general crafty things for children ages 2 - 7, the photos throughout this post are a general idea, they may not all be included in the final box as I would like to get a few more bits for younger swappers as I'm still working on the final contents.  (Edit 14/01/2015 it's not strictly for 2...-7 year olds, this is just a guide, if you have an older or younger child, and as their parent you think they'd like to join in, that's absolutely fine!)
I'll package these off with a treat on the top and send on to a swapper, they then receive the box and choose which item(s) they would like, you can take all or none, it's up to you, the plan is that you replace the items you have taken with items of a similar value.  So, you take a small kit?  You add say a pack of stickers and a bag of pom-poms or replace it with a different kit.

You can re-purpose any items you already have as long as they are good condition and unused.

This is an example of how you would receive your box.  You would them send the parcel on to your swap buddy.  The box will eventually make it's way back to us with different contents to what it originally contained.

I'll packaged up using a Royal Mail small parcel box these cost £3.20 to post within the UK, as long as we stick to a weight limit of 2kg.
So that's it really, if you'd like to join in, please email me your address with a subject line of #kidstravellingcraftswap (address not necessary for existing swappers) I'm closing sign-up for this swap on 31 January.  I will also be running an Easter/Spring themed #kidsstickerswap during March, details of that will be sent out during February, with some exciting news!

Please take a look at the rules below before you sign-up, and if you are happy with the rules then send me an email!

The Rules
1. By signing up you are committing to at least sending the box on to the next recipient at a cost of £3.20, so if there's nothing you'd like when the box gets to you, I'm afraid you will still be responsible for posting on.
2. You will be sent your swap buddy details by Monday 2nd February.
3. I will sent to the first recipient on Monday 2nd February.
4. A new Facebook group will be created called Kids Travelling Craft Swap, you will be expected to post on there when you've received the box showing the current contents and again when the parcel is on it's way to the next recipient.  You can also post in other social media using #kidstravellingcraftswap
5. Please post on within 4 days of receiving, to keep momentum flowing.
6. Remember to put in items to an equal or greater amount to those you take.
7. Due to high postage costs, I'm sorry that this swap is open to UK residents only.
8. Proof of postage should be obtained.
9. Please keep to under 2kg to keep postage costs down.


  1. This is a fun idea! So pleased the sticker swap has gone down so well, too x

  2. What a great idea ... Agent M is always crafting. Its a great way to add to the kids stash :)

    1. Thanks, you are more than welcome to join in if you fancy it. Just email me :)


  3. such a brilliant idea will really get you thinking of different craft ideas to do with the kids! thanks for linking up with #sundaystars I would love to join in in the future

    1. Thanks Amy, I'm sure I'll do another one, we'd love to have you join us :)



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