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|CREATE|Giant snowman - Guest post from Nicola

Today we have Nicola aka multicraftingmummy joining us for a lovely giant snowman activity, it's so lovely and I love how all of Nicola's children worked together to create him.

Welcome Nicola and thank you so much for joining us!
My name is Nicola Simpson and I blog over at http://www.multicraftingmummy.com where I share the arts, crafts and messy play ideas that I come up with to do at home with my three children aged 2, 5 and 7 mainly altogether at home.  I was delighted when Leandra asked me to do a winter themed guest post for her lovely blog. Creating a snowman activity was the first idea that came to mind. But rather than doing a snowman picture with each of my kids, we decided we’d work together on one big snowman picture to go up in their playroom.

They really enjoy working on projects altogether and to help ensure things run as smoothly as possible (bearing in mind Bella is a very headstrong toddler!) I like to get as much of the activity prepared as I can before we all sit down to work on it. This means that I am fully on-hand then to enjoy (and referee) the whole activity. This doesn’t work every time and we have had a few disasters along the way but thankfully our giant snowman project ran very smoothly. It’s also a very good idea to have a stack of wipes and paper towels on standby to quickly reach out for to clean up and spills and mess that occur along the way.
How to make a giant snowman
You will need:
4 large circles of white paper. We drew around a large mixing bowl to make ours.
Lots of cotton wool balls
Black wool
Orange wool
Black paint
Lots of patience!
1. Glue cotton wool balls all over three of the circles of paper. I gave each of my kids one each to work on. Leave to dry.

2. Make three black pom-poms to use for his “coal buttons”. We made these from my distant memories of making them at school, but you may prefer to follow these instructions which I found on Youtube. Bella wasn’t really able for this part of the activity, but she did enjoy unravelling wool all over the table and floor.
3. Glue one pom-pom onto each part of the snowman’s body.
4. Use the final circle of paper to make the snowman’s head.  Paint on his “coal eyes” using black paint.
5. Make a pom-pom using orange wool for this nose.
6. Cut out a top hat shape from a piece of card and paint this black and glue onto your picture when dry.
7. Cut two strips of black paper or paint some white paper to make his arms.
If you enjoyed reading about this activity and you are looking for some more ideas for joint projects for your kids to work on together then please pop over and check out my blog http://www.multicraftingmummy.com
You can also find me:
Twitter: @artscrafts624

Thanks so much Nicola, do go over and give Nicola a follow, you'll be glad you did!

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