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|CREATE|snowflake tape painting

A few weeks back, I put out a request on Twitter and Instagram to call for bloggers who wanted to work with me for our Winter theme month.

Lucky for me Laura from WaffleMama heard my call and offered to write for me to link back to, and what a great post it is too!

Laura and her gorgeous little man, Bean who's 3 have been creating snowflake tape paintings and also did a spot of hand and footprints in the snow!

Wow, just look at those paints, I'm so jealous, the neon ones look awesome.

This is a really cute activity and Laura did a great job of showing how you can turn a crafting fail into a crafting win in no time.

Thanks so much Laura for allowing us to link into this post, I cannot wait to see more activities from you x

You can find Laura here:

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