|#thelist|13 December | LarabeeUK

|#thelist|13 December

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- campaigns, assignments & opportunities
 > 5 new this week
 > 2 closing which I should achieve
- I'm loving how my christmas posts are working out, I work much better with a theme, it certainly keeps me more organised!
- my most popular post this week was for my felt robin ornament, chuffed at this because it is the sort of thing I'll be including in my Boo boxes.
- LarabeeUK still needs love on Facebook, would be very grateful for some extra likes!
- #toddlerapprovedtuesday is open ALL month, post as much as you like, old or new! Becky and I are joint hosting.
- I'm looking for posts to link to or guest posts for my Winter theme during January, please email or comment if you'd like to submit something.

- T is getting on great in pre-school, he's loving it.
- Planning for our christmas box night next weekend, really looking forward to that.  We are having an apre ski party!
- preparation is underway for T's small family birthday party on 26th.

- Well, long story on 'the job' I'm going to be doing most of the work, but now got to negotiate pay...
- high cholesterol 7.9 & low iron, feeling awful from the iron tablets, bad indigestion and stomach cramps, trying to swap medication.
- can't wait for christmas!

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  1. Good list huni! Glad T is loving pre-school. Thanks for linking to #TheList x


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