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|FAMILY|Introducing the Boo box & Boo bag

There have been a few people who have asked about my boo box hash tags, well, I thought that a little explanation was in order and also a little introduction to our boo bags and boo box now :)
So, at home T has never been known as T, he's Boo or Boo Boo to give him his full nickname!  He has been Boo since the day he was born.  When I first started talking about him on social media I wasn't sure if I would use his real or nickname so I started to just use T and it stuck, probably because I'm very lazy and it's obviously much quicker than typing Thomas ;)  by the time I was ready to use his nickname, I'd realised that quite a few people actually call their children Boo and so I didn't bother to change it.
The name Boo Boo has been around for far longer in my life, when I was 3 I was given a tiny white kitten for Christmas, his name was Blondie (very popular in the 70's!) but I insisted on calling him Boo Boo, he lived to the grand old age of 20, and I always referred to him as Boo Boo.  Month's later one of the biggest loves of my life entered my world, my beloved dog Taz (fyi - tears in my eyes as I write this!) he was soon given the moniker Boo Boo.  Taz crossed the rainbow bridge 6 months before we found out we were expecting Thomas.
I have no idea why I have felt the need to nickname my child after my cat and dog, but hey, I did and that's what he's called, Boo for short, even friends and family call him it, it's so natural at home, I've just never used it here and probably won't.
But... that still does not explain the Boo box or Boo bag,. For quite a few months now I've been creating a box of themed goodies, linked to activities and crafts which became my blog monthly toddler themes.  My nephew J has also been having these, and in the new year I am hoping to start selling a few of these so look out for more details after Christmas as I'll be looking for some testers!  The Boo bag is a smaller version with just a couple of activities in and a matching book.
The boxes and bags have been going down very well with the boys, and it's great as a Mum to have a theme to link food, books and visits to.
So there you have it, the full explanation of the Boo box!
Tomorrow I'll be back with a boo bag we've done this weekend.

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