|#elftakeover|buddy the elf 15 - 21 December | LarabeeUK

|#elftakeover|buddy the elf 15 - 21 December

This week, Buddy only visited us 4 times he had to go back to the North Pole to help Father Christmas prepare for the big day (well that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!) so we only have 4 escapades for you.

1. Buddy made use of T's pens and christmas stamps toake him a card, T was thrilled by this, especially when he recognised his own name in the card!

2. Buddy managed to get himself stuck
In the washing machine, we left the door slightly ajar and he managed to escape. 

3. Friday night, Buddy orderedh his own pizza and was spotted in the kitchen with his pizza box!  I can't find a link to the one I used now, but if you search google or pinterest there are quite s few you could use. 

4. Buddy left T a message, this morning, H wrote '4 more sleeps' and drew a Christmas tree!

T really has embraced the elf on the shelf, he literally squeals with delight when he see's him each day. 

I'm preparing a special exit for Buddy including, photos, glitter and a sleeping boy. 

I am getting stuck for ideas now though so I'm going to ensure I have my 2015 eots guide all sorted and ready for next year. 

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