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|CREATE|pruning Christmas tree

Today T and I headed out into the garden to do a few jobs, firstly we did a spot of pruning and then we picked a few vegetables, we went to see our fishes in the pond and said hello to our largest goldfish 'big bad barry'.
After digging up almost the last beetroot and carrots (hoping we've left enough for Christmas dinner!) we started pruning.  T was very helpful and helped me carry the pruning's.
Whilst pruning I thought I could use the handy sized stems and so once we'd finished and I'd cut some branch lengths we went inside to assemble our tree.
I love to show T how you can use natural resources to make beautiful items, things which otherwise would be thrown away and decorations which would in fact cost quite a lot of money if purchased!
I had a very handy helper.

T and I assembled the tree on the floor, we used the top piece to measure between our other branches.
T supervised throughout the 'building' process.

I attached the branches together with 'invisible nylon' I'm hoping that it will hold up but I guess only time will tell, I will replace with fishing line if necessary (I didn't have any to hand).

Once my branches were all in place, I attached a screw eye hook to the top branch.
I suspended the eye hook from a nail in the wall.  At this point I wasn't bothered about whether it was balanced or not because I still had to add the lights and baubles.

I attached the lights using tiny little cable ties.

I used a little bit of bark which I found a few months ago to hide the cable and battery box.

And in the dark - before the 'trunk' was added!

Well today our little spot of Sunday gardening turned into a full blown project, linking up to Country Kids from Coombe Mill.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. I love this idea! Might have to find some sticks on our next walk in the woods to build our own version :-) #countrykids

  2. Wow, this looks beautiful, and is a really great way of using (as you say) resources that would otherwise be thrown away. This would be a lovely alternative if you don't have space for a 'real' tree too. #ChristmasCountdown

  3. This is a great idea and very cute!

  4. What a fab way to get outside and enjoy the outside and then create something beautiful with natural resources. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.


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