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|CREATE|i-spy bottle game

I've made this little I-spy game to go in T's stocking.  Although I'm sure we'll probably find a certain 13 year old who likes it just as much!

I just used an empty bubble bath bottle and half filled with some 'Hama' type beads, we got these beads for the teens ages ago, but they never used them and I've been thinking what I could do with them for ages!  Once I'd added the trinkets I topped up with beads.
For a younger child, you could use rice instead which would allow the trinkets to be seen more easily.

I'm really hoping that this is a little game which T can play to unwind, and that rolling the bottle and beads around to find the different objects will calm him before bed.

I've seen some people provide a card with all the items on to allow the player to cross off once found, but I didn't think this was necessary for T, I also don't think it was necessary to have too many objects in it.  

Some of the little items I've included are:-
Google eye
Fluffy chick
Mini peg
Drawing pin
Paper lip
Mini balloon
Mini snowman
Mini rattle
Toy duck
Plastic flower

I finished off with a bit of tape around the edge to secure.  The reason for this is that I plan to add and change some of the items at a later date, so I didn't want to glue it.

There you go, a really quick and easy stocking filler whcih can be adapted for all age brackets.


  1. This is a lovely idea. I look forward to hearing what T thinks of it :)


    1. Thanks Catherine, I'm looking forward to putting his stocking together tomorrow (when he's at nursery) I think he's going to like this x

  2. Leandra, I have featured this post in my Traveling With Kids post, (due to go live 12th January), I hope you don't mind? X

    1. Aw thank you so much, that's lovely of you x


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