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Saturday, 6 December 2014

|CREATE|children's jar lantern

Another jar latern, candle, votive thingy I hear you cry... Bear with me on this one though.  I wanted to make T a little lantern to take with him when we go singing carols on the village green, it's a village tradition and we've been every year since it started.  The children take laterns filled with lights or battery operated candles, usually the nice ones from ikea, well, I know exactly what would happen if I let T take one of those, so I've created this for him and he loves it!

I used a plastic 'jar' which I got from a local discount shop, but any plastic sweet or food jar would do.

I had planned on using a craft outline sticker, but found this transfer type one which I had lying around so used that instead, you could even just draw pictures on using coloured sharpies.

Once the transfer was on, we added a battery operated tea light candle and some ribbon using double sided sticky tape.

As you can see T quite likes his lantern!  It's sitting under the tree until we go out at night and he can take it with him!

I hope you like this little craft, do leave a comment if you give it a try, Lx


  1. This is lovely, i have seen similar things on Pinterest but this seems a lot less hard work! We may have to give it a try x

    1. Super quick and easy - just as T likes it at the moment. Does Jenson have the attention span of a goldfish too? I'm convinced that it's little boys as J is just the same! Thanks for your comment x

    2. Yes, Evie will sit for much longer than Jenson does and shes what...13 months younger!?!?!! Boys! X


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