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|CREATE|baking gift set

Back in the summer T and I painted these wooden spoons with the intention of giving them for gifts at christmas.  I've just finished putting the little baking gift sets together now so thought I'd share.

I bought some little Jane Asher cake baking book and a cupcake case/flag set from poundland.

After placing some mixed sprinkles in a glassine bag, I popped the spoons and cake cases in a little cellophane gift bag and tied up, threading the sprinkles on last.

I then taped the bag to the front of the book using washi tape.

In total these gifts cost £3.25 Each
Pack 5 wooden spoons £1.50 - eBay
The sprinkles I had already but say £2 (for 2 packs)
I split a cupcake case kit £1
Cooking books £2 
Packaging already owned.

We made these for my sister and mum from T.  I hope you'll agree that they are lovely little gifts, I know I certainly would like to receive one.

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