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|#bringbackpaper|my week in paper

Another week, another fun packed week with paper!

We've received all 3 kids school photos this past week, and for a change they are all fab!  This is very unusual because H (b 13) is usually gurning or pulling a cheesy grin, so we always have a moan at him about that!  This one photo just shows how much he's growing up, in 6 months T will be the age H was when The Hubs and I got together so to see him grow into a handsome young man really is something. K (g 16) is super photogenic and never has a bad photo despite the fact that she currently has a major advertion to the camera at the moment!  And T, well it's hit and miss for him!

Our christmas book basket is under the tree!  T was thrilled when he saw it and Daddy had to read him 3 stories straight away, looking forward to making a nest under the tree tomorrow night and reading Christmas books by twinkly light!  Aliens love panta Claus is still his firm favourite.

The photo christmas card are made from the magnets I had done at picsticks, I'm really pleased with how they've turned out!  I've attached them to a transparency with glue dots so the magnet can be removed before the card is discarded.

Although I've been trying to keep my 'notes' in my planners, it's just not working for me so I've gone back to an A5 notebook, I was going to start at the new year but to be honest I'm working on the New Years blog posts and the next #kidsstickerswap so I thought I'd just start now! I do love a nice new notebook with lots of blank pages to fill in!

T is loving making little 'fome' print pictures, these are Peppa & George pig!  He's also big into writing lists at the moment!  I've given him a little reporter's notebook which he loves!

This card came home today, it melts my heart!   This is the first true 'human' figure he's drawn, it's Father Christmas!

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