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|CREATE|sequin and confetti contact christmas tree

This is a really simple activity to do with your toddler, T was coming up to 2 when we did this activity (last year) and he loved it, I'm pretty sure he'd love it just as much this year too!

I started by filling a dip plate up with things to stick on the tree, beads, sequins, buttons, pom-poms and table confetti.

Using an old cereal box I made a cone shape, initially I was going to buy a polystyrene one, but I didn't get round to it, so I compromised, and I'm glad I did, if you don't feel confident making a cone shape, Hobbycraft sell polystyrene cones.  (Edit: I've found this template online if you'd like one to make your own cone!)

I then glued contact paper to the cone and cut off any excess.

I gave T free rein to add the decorations on as he wished, he started off gently applying each one individually and lovingly, this lasted about 5 minutes then he started to get handfuls and applied the decoration that way.

The end result was awesome!  Since last Christmas I have applied a coat of Mog podge to try and prevent the decorations coming off, so far that's worked (I've kept this in our bedroom all year because I didn't want it getting broken!)

I hope you like our little Christmas activity.  Take care, Lx
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  1. This looks great, and a good way to entertain littlies for a while. Good idea to coat it so it doesn't fall apart! #christmascountdown

  2. I love that idea! Eva and I will definitely have to make on of these. Thanks for sharing x #ABloggersChristmas


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