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|#thelist|11 October

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~ Wow! A huge thank you to my co-host and founder(?) of our new linky #toddlerapprovedtuesday Becky over at 3princessesand1dude I hope that next week is just as sucessful but I must admit I'm a little worried it won't be x

~ Things have been quiet for me on the blog/social media side this week, as I said last week, I knew things would change over the next few weeks so I'm still trying to get into a new routine.

~ My most popular post this week were my snack wraps which were my #toddlerapprovedtuesday link! a coincidence?  I don't think so :)

~ People are starting to recieve their sticker swap parcels, I'm loving how enthusiastic the participants  for that have been!  If you joined in thank you so much!  If you didn't, look out for our christmas one coming up at the end of the month.

~ My Grandpa passed away on Saturday evening, we are all still trying to come to terms with the loss. He was the head of our family forever and has left a gaping hole, my Grandma is to move in with my parents, this make me very happy but so much to sort out.  I'm so pleased that Mum and Grandma have each other.

~ On a positive note (if a positive can ever come out of a death in the family) my Dad seems to be dealing with everything so well.  After his stroke last year he was left with a lot of pain, a poor memory and a bit of a stutter (he notices it more than anyone else, but it troubled him) having to deal with losing Grandpa (his fil) does seem to have put my Dad into crisis mode and he's dealt with everything so well, I'm hoping it will give him more confidence now and I guess he's now head of the family now Grandpa is gone.  Not that he ever enforced that role but you know what I mean. 

~ T's had some settling in sessions in the pre-school room - Otters at nursery, apparently he was wowing them with his shoe tying abilities on Thursday.  One of the Otters asked me if he could come and play with T at our house because he is his friend, which I thought was quite sweet.  T was also helping to look after the babies yesterday as it's a quiet day at nursery on a Friday, he came home and announced that although he likes looking after the babies he didn't want one, phew!!!!

~ The Hubs had another course this week, he was so animated and enthusiastic about this one, really proud of him.

~ I managed to trip over in all that wind on Thursday and fall ars* over t*t, a poper fall, legs akimbo and everything! Thank god for thick black tights!  I'm now black and blue and feel as though I've been hit by a train.  Was paranoid about falling on my arm, it took the full brunt of the fall, it really vibrates if I knock it and hurt for ages after but seems ok now thank goodness.

~ Head cold still lingering, starting to feel fluey but I'm managing to get through it so far, not sure how much of the aching is to do with the fall or the cold!

Well, new job applied for, had a pre-interview and interview proper is on 21st, I'm nervous and excited at the same time.

~ Had a really busy week with a new software release.

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  1. A busy (and shitty) old week for you, and you know if you need anything, I'm on the end of a phone (or a messaging tool!!!) X I am so so sorry about your Grandpa I am so sad for you, even though we have never met I do class you as a friend and the sadness I feel is true, its not just a 'thing to say'. Remember ANYTHING! I am here! X

    1. Thanks so much Becky, sorry it's taken so long to reply, I was so touched by your message I just didn't know what to say - I still don't to be honest. Thank you so much for everything you've done in the last couple of weeks, I owe you so much. I can't wait to meet you, my friend, in person and thank you xxx

  2. Congrats on starting your linky with the lovely Becky!! Some weeks are better than others and that's OK, the important thing is connecting with others and being consistent - I'm terribly competitive so each week I want to do better, but look at it as a long term thing and then little blimps week to week (or month to month even!) don't matter anymore :)

    I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandad, so sad xxx I hope your gran settles in well with your parents, it's lovely they can be together at such a sad time :( xxx

    Thanks for linking to #TheList xxx


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