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I don't know about you, but for me, how my day goes has a huge impact on my attitude and mood in those first couple of hours, which are mostly determined by other peoples reactions.  I love nothing more than getting up at the crack of dawn after a good nights sleep to the sun streaming through the window, but since having T that's gone out the window, now I hear the alarm and think 'oh no, it's only been 1 1/2 hours since I fell asleep!'

In our house we love belVitas, we all eat them so we were thrilled to be sent 3 packets to try, flavours we've not had before.  It worked out a treat, The Hubs ate the chocolate ones and loved them, they were too chocolatey for me for breakfast, T loved the apricot ones although he's convinced they were chocolate!  And I enjoyed the hazelnut ones the most.

Being able to grab breakfast on the go is a real help to us, it's just one more thing you don't have to think of on busy mornings.

So... Here are our top 8 morning wins with a couple of extras thrown in for good measure :)

1. Waking up naturally before the alarm, without any small child disterbances through the night!

2. A big steaming mug of hot, sweet tea, preferably in bed, brought in by The Hubs.

3. Small child getting himself ready for nursery without having to be bellowed at 45 times.

4. Going outside in the cold to find wonderful husband has scraped the ice from my car before he left!

5. Someone letting me out on the main road, instead of the 100's of ars*s who drive past at a snails pace and don't make eye contact because they know they are being pillocks.

6. Small child running into nursery happily, without crying, usually with a belVita in hand (true!).

7. Arriving at work to find an empty email inbox, a tea on my desk and no meetings before 10am!

8. Opening my work drawer to find a packet it belVita's to enjoy with my tea and the latest work dramas!  

9. #afternoonwin Opening my drawer at 3pm to find a packet of belVita's 'cause they are also great afternoon snacks!

10. And finally... #weekendwin Enjoying a full English breakfast at the weekend because we've been so good eating belVitas all week!

This post is an entry for #MorningWin Linky Challenge sponsored by belVita Breakfast. Learn more at http://bit.ly/belVitaUK

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  1. I enjoyed reading about the things that improve your mornings. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part


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