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|FUN|hello activity

For the first activity in our 'round the world' month, we learned about how friends we follow on social media say 'hello', we are lucky to have connections with people from many cultures and expats living in other countries and I was keen to use this as a basis for this project.

This was really simple to set up, I printed out an a3 atlas page from freeworldmaps.net I also printed some world flags from Mr Printables too, I chose the different languages I wanted to use and set to work finding out how to say 'hello' if you've noticed that I've got any wrong, please do correct me as this is far from my specialist subject!  I wrote each greeting on the back of the flag.

I placed all the flags down the side of the map and then T selected them one at a time, we talked about where the country was and I showed him on the map, we then discussed the distance between us and the country.  I did tell him a few things about the geography of the countries and that Spain, Italy and Great Britain are in Europe, obviously this meant nothing to him but I don't think there's any harm in mentioning things like this, I then told him the greeting and we repeated it.  I actually wish I'd have used 'thank you' instead as we could have continued to use that thoughout the day to re-inforce the learning.  Keeping saying hello throughout the day is a little unnatural, however, thank you is said often thought the day.

Obviously T can't remember each one but he does keep saying 'hola' which is quite funny.
I'm sure older children will benefit more from this activity as they will actually learn the words but for us it was a nice introduction.
We have another activity planned using this map and I plan to refer back to it for every activity we do this month.

This month we are learning all about other countries around the world, how they affect us, how we interact with them and just general awareness of other cultures.  You can follow all of our posts on twitter and instagram using #booboxaroundtheworld and our 'Kids stuff - around the world' pinterest board contains lots of ideas from other people.

If you have a post or activity you'd like us to feature, email me or comment and I'll be in touch, we'd particularly love to have some features from other cultures.

I can’t wait to see what you’ve all been up to!


  1. So FUN! Namaste!

    1. Thanks Veena, so glad I got this one right as I'm sure you realised this was totally for you x


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