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|CREATE|homemade hand treatment

You may have read in this weeks My List post that I'm trying to make of sure I have a bit of me time this month, with the hope that if I can do it for 28 consecutive days it will become a habit again ;o)
Anyway, this is a little homemade hand treatment which I used to use many moons ago when I used to have gel nails every 2 weeks.  It was recommended to me by my nail technician and I used to make sure that I used it every week.
You could always increase quantities and package in a nice jar for a gift too.  It can also be used for a foot scrub.
1 dsp granulated sugar
1 dsp creamy handwash or bubble bath
1 dsp olive or almond oil
TIP: fill the sink with water before you start that way your taps won't get covered when you need to wash it off!
Mix ingredients together.

Scoop up in one hand and rub in.

Give it a good rub until the sugar starts to dissolve, if you suffer from dry elbows rub it in there too!
Your hands are left nice and smooth and moisturised.

Until next time... Lx

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