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|THE LIST|27 September

Hi and welcome to my 'The List' this is my first post and I'm hoping to join in every week with bulletpoints of reflection from the previous week.  Each week will not be this intense, I promise!

Blog/social media
~ the past couple of weeks have confirmed what I thought! I really need my blog planner and schedule to keep up momentum! I need to do this for work so why should by personal/blog life be on a 'wing and a prayer'?
~ T and I have made great progress this week on prepping for post projects (because I've planned!) 5 in total.
~ We received another product for review this week, looking forward to that being posted next Wednesday.
~ Have braved contacting people I know in real life to join in my kids sticker swap! is this where my real-life and blog-life start to merge??  A few are from work - no-one at work knows about my blog!
~ Trying to use twitter more, but not having a lot of sucess.
~ Have too many ideas for time at the moment and trying to think of ways to capture it all so nothing is lost!
~ Trying to identify best times and when to communicate about blog posts.
~ Joining in with new linky's (like this!)

~ T has  had no accidents this week, that includes naps at nursery too, so yes I think he's definitely cracked that one.
~ T has become one of those annoying 'Mummy, Mummy, Mummy, Mummmmeeeee' kids, I'm really hoping this is a phase!  When I ignore him he gets upset.  How can I stop this?  Advice welcomed please! 
~ T has started to say 'what?' All... The... Time... we're working on 'pardon' and it seems to be getting better.
~ T now gets himself dressed 'properly' and is loving that independence.
~ T has started to write random letters down, he doesn't recognise any other than 'T for Thomas' but both nursery and we are chuffed with that!
~ The Hubs attended a Microsoft server course,  won't pretend to understand, cause I don't, but very proud of him nevertheless!
~ The Hubs is all into The Ryder Cup at the moment.
~ We had a lovely day out last Saturday as a special treat for T, more about that tomorrow.
~ The teens are getting on well back at school, H didn't make the school football team but doesn't seem too bothered by that.  His weekend team lost 8-3 last week.
~ Grandpa is in hospital again, this time he's had 2 falls.  Hoping to visit later or tomorrow. 

~ I completely wasted yesterday again! Just drifted aimlessly through the day without too much thought and very little accomplished.
~ Feeling shattered, started taking vitamin D, multi vitamins and forever echinacea.
~ Ready for autumn now! starting to feel cosy and put all the fairy lights on last night, if it wasn't for damn x-factor I'd be snuggling up with my boy on the sofa.
~ Very pleased that Strictly has started.
~ Collected the free lego from The Daily Mail

You may notice that there's a distinct lack of information about work - there's a reason for that, I want my list to be constructive, positive or something I really want to record for future (will help me with project life too!) none of which can be said about work at the moment ;)

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  1. Thanks so much for joining in! Linky's are great to help build yourself a little community. I am so happy Strictly has started too! You can never have too many sequins! Thanks for linking to #TheList x

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Aby. I think I'm going to really enjoy being part of the #thelist community x


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