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|PAPERY PEEP|my month in paper

After the thrill of last months papery peep, I found myself a bit in limbo this month and feel as though I didn't really get very far when it came to my paper adventure.

I read the grand total of 0 paper books, I have read 3 paper magazines, but I'm ashamed to say that I slipped over to the dark side and read 2 ebooks and 2 emags!

I am also ashamed to say that I am a very bad penpal this month, I have a stack of correspondence to address but it's still waiting for attention, this is foremost on my list of to-do's.  I have, however, treated myself to some rather lovely stationery for my pen letters so that was a positive :)

T and I wrote a little letter to his cousin just before he started school, who apparently was thrilled to receive his letter with a few little extra's.

T has a few packages and letters this month, he's even started to ask if there's anything for him when we collect the post from the post box.

I wanted to participate in the national 'thinking of you week' but I clean forgot about it - I'd not written it in either of my planners and so I forgot :( 

I didn't manage to start #30lists this time let alone finish it, I think it was a challenge too far and that's the one that had to give, I may try and complete it as and when or I may just mark it down to experience, as of yet I'm undecided.

I did manage to make a wedding card from some recycled packaging which I was super proud of.

T and I are hosting our kids sticker swap, it's not too late to join, I'm closing the group on the evening of Monday 29th September, email me if you'd like to participate, I'm really looking forward to putting together a little package for our recipient and T's on snack choosing duties!

On a slightly different papery note, I'm really struggling with paper from work at the moment, I have on average 3 meetings per day which have minutes, agendas & actions plus many, many other respective documents or papers for the various projects I'm working on.  Now I know there is a time and place for paper and I want to try really hard to use my ipad more to read my agendas and minutes and bamboo paper to record my own notes but I do struggle with it, the consequence is, a paper trail equivalent to a small forest has infrultrated my desk and workspace!  This really needs managing so I will be concentrating on that, this coming month.

Wow there we have it, my month in paper!

I'm joining up to The Reading Residence's papery peep for this post.

The Reading Residence


  1. That's still a fair bit of paper! That wedding card looks really pretty, well done! My daughter always ask if there's post for her, too, and is disappointed when there's not - she'll have pen pals soon, I'm sure! I hope the sticker swap goes well, too - mine are currently inundated with stickers and treats, so I'll give it a miss this time, but if you do it again at some point, we may well play! Thanks very much for sharing with #PaperyPeep

    1. Thanks so much, I understand about the sticker swap, I'm sure you'll hear about it when we next do on :)

      Thank you for stopping by. x

  2. That's a lot of paper in your meetings! A lot of workplaces have tried to go paperless or at least paper-lite, but it will take a while I think to change the culture of people thinking they 'need' half a tree for each meeting. Silly, especially when the technology is there with ipads and the like to negate the need for paper. xxx #PaperyPeep

    1. Hi Leigh, I'm trying so hard to be paperless in the office, means that I don't feel guilty when I indulge in paper at home ;) x

  3. Still plenty of paper though! The sticker swap's a great idea. Hope it goes well. #PaperyPeeps

    1. Thanks so much Carol, appreciate you taking the time to comment x

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