|#MYKIDSAID|'Ladies do the dinners...' | LarabeeUK

|#MYKIDSAID|'Ladies do the dinners...'

Me to T - when you are a big boy you will have to get dressed and make your own breakfast
T - no Mummy, I won't
Me - why darling?
T - because ladies do the dinners and I'm a boy!!

Well he certainly hasn't been brought up like that and I know it's not come from nursery, so I can only assume this was observational. Suffice to say Daddy is cooking dinner tonight!!


  1. Ha ha ha!! Jenson said something similar a few weeks ago about my sister been at work and her partner staying at home with Millie...couldnt get his head around why the Daddy was at home and the Mummy was at work!!!

    1. ha ha bless, I think they notice more and make their own opinions more than we give them credit for don't they? ;) x


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