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|#kidsstickerswap|ideas and more details

I'm organising our first kids sticker swap and as you can see, we are really excited by it!  I saw a great idea over at The Reading Residence for fantastic packages of stickers for kids, unfortunately I can't afford to subscribe, so I thought I'd organise a swap instead! 

A few people have already signed-up but our cut off is Monday 29 September so if you'd like to join in, please email me or leave a comment below, the more the merrier :)

We're looking to receive our packages by 20 October.

I've started to put together some ideas on our kids sticker swap pinterest board these include lunchbox notes, printable stickers and some ideas for how use your stickers.

This got me thinking about what to put in my sticker pack, so here's a little list of things that I'm going to keep handy for when I'm putting my package together, if you've got other ideas, please leave me a comment, I'd love to make this a joint effort!  If you would like to post to our pinterest board do let me know, you don't have to be part of the swap to share ideas!

If you join the swap I will automatically send you an invite to post to the pinterest board if I know your account.

Here's my idea's list...
stickers (obviously!)
lunchbox notes
foam stickers/shapes
postage stamps
cute post-it notes
post-it flags
pictures cut from magazines etc
Oh yes and we're going to add a couple of little treats in for good measure!
(Edit 30/09/14)
sticker earrings
nail stickers
(Edit 19/10/14)
Window clings

Oh and I'm thinking about a Christmas sticker swap - anyone in?????? ;)

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