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|FUN|sea animal ice play - The Weaving Ideas

Our theme month for September is 'ocean', we have many great posts to bring you this month and I'm thrilled to say that we have some guests joining us.
Today I'm sharing a link from theweavingideas.com website, Aparna has some great ideas and it's certainly worth a look around and a follow whilst your there!
I'm sure anyone who's tried giving their child blocks of ice with a hammer will agree it's certainly one of the most exciting activities, add in some great sea creatures or plastic ice cubes and it makes it all the more appealing.
Click on the picture above to go direct to theweavingideas.com sea animal ice play blog post.
I love how Aparna explains her son's experience:
'First Ashrith digged ,explored for a while and later enjoyed banging the ice with Hammer.He had fun breaking the ice with his toy hammer and finding the hidden sea animals. He felt like a Hero saving Sea animals.'
I'm very jealous of these super cute sea animal plastic ice cubes!!! 
A huge thank you for allowing me to link to your post Aparna.
We have a pinterest board dedicated to all things 'ocean themed' for small children, have a look for some ideas, or better still follow us, all of this months ocean blog posts will be added throughout the month.  We will be tagging all of our activities with #booboxocean if you'd like to follow or join in over on Instagram or twitter.
If you have an ocean themed post you'd like us to link to or you'd like to write a guest post, please leave a comment, there's always space for more!
Have a fabulous day, Lx

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