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|FUN|ocean activities from clareslittletots.co.uk

Our theme month for September is 'ocean', we have many great posts to bring you, this week Clare's Tots have kindly allowed me to link to 9 activities they did in June.  Clare and her tots had lots of fun making bubblewrap fish decorations, fish bubble number recognition and sea animal hand prints to name a few.  Click on the picture above to go direct to the clareslittletots.co.uk ocean themed blog posts.
Just how cute is that hand/footprint lobster, I absolutely love it!

Clare and her tots get up to lots of fun activities, I'd highly recommend looking around and following Clare's social media whilst you're on her site!

What little tot could resist an invitation to play like this play dough tray?  I know my little man wouldn't.  I love how Clare's used the sea life zoob tubes, we've got these too, they have such fantastic detail and great quality.

Thanks so much for allowing us to share your activities during our ocean month Clare.

We have a pinterest board dedicated to all things 'ocean themed' for small children, have a look for some ideas, or better still follow us, all of this months ocean blog posts will be added throughout the month.  We will be tagging all of our activities with #booboxocean if you'd like to follow or join in over onInstagram or twitter.  All of our ocean themed blog posts can be found here if you'd like to catch-up.

If you have an ocean themed post you'd like us to link to or you'd like to write a guest post, please leave a comment, there's always space for more!

Have a fabulous day, Lx

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