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|FAMILY|sealife centre, Great Yarmouth

Last weekend we thought we'd take T to the seaside, to have a wander on the beach, eat fish & chips on the prom and go to the sealife centre, our nearest beach is Hunstanton, but as the Sealife centre was closed for refurbishment we decided on Great Yarmouth instead, and to my delight the Octonauts were also there which I knew would be a great hit with T.

We set off early and so arrived in Great Yarmouth at around 10.30, I didn't do my usual plannig to find a nearby car park so we did end up quite a way a way, however, a friendly traffic warden helped to se us in the right direction, and provided a little local history lesson at the same time!

The donkeys were on the beach, I didn't even metion to T about riding on one as he wasn't interested when we saw the ones at the scarecrow festival! 

We got to the Sealife centre and were given a little pack from them and some Octonauts goodies, a sample magazine, a paper hat, a colouring sheet etc. We used a 2 for 1 merlin voucher and T as an under 3 was free, it would have cost £15 for the 3 of us, had I not been talked into purchasing a guide book and pacu food - each £3.  The first thing we did was feed the pacu's. The food lastest about as long at T's attention span, by this time he knew the Octonauts were in town and wanted to see them!

We watched the penguins, they were a bit stinky!

T was really fascinated by the turtles and the starfish.

T finally got to meet Peso, they shook hands and T stood in front for a photo.

We had a mini meltdown in the gift shop, T wanted to buy the over priced Octonauts merchandise, but there was no way we were going to pay 4 times more than we'd paid for some characters in Asda, trying to communicate that with a 2 year old is quite difficult.  We agreed on having fish & chips for lunch and then going back for a souvenir.

Rather then eat on the prom, which I really wanted to do, we went to Harry Ramsden's it was lovely and I had fish & chips too, I know most vegetarians would gasp in horror, but it really is just on the very rare occasion that I succumb.  This came to £25 for the 2 of us as we shared ours with T!  In hindsight, next time we will eat on benches overlooking the sea, just like my sis and I did with our grandparents as children.

After lunch we headed back to the Sealife centre shop, T had a large shark toy and an Octonauts book, he was getting really tired by this point and needed a nap.

The hubs and T had this photo done which is going up in T's bedroom.

We took a stroll back to the car via the beach, T helped me collected some pebbles and sand for a little craft project and got quite tired so ended up being carried back to the car half asleep, in the car park, he ran off messing about trying to play hide and seek which made his Dad very angry, they both got upset and it was a shame to end our day that way.

All in all we had a lovely day, I'm not going to let a couple of small incidents mar a rare family day out.  I'm really looking forward to our next trip, to Clacton to visit friends, either at the end of October or begining of November.

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