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|FAMILY|autumn bucket list 2014

So it's September which means it's time to share my Autumn bucket list, the problem is that I'm not quite ready to close our Summer bucket list yet, not just because we still have numerous items outstanding, but quite honestly because I'm just not ready to let go of summer yet!  I read from a US source that autumn officially starts on 21st September, well not sure if it's the same for the UK but if it means I can drag out another 3 weeks of summer then I'm prepared to go with that!

OK, not a huge list for 'Autumn' because I will be having a specific Halloween bucket list too. 

Whilst mentioning Halloween, I'll also be trying a '14 days of Halloween lists' challenge, where each day we'll have a prompt to create your list of Halloween related subjects, eg Favourite paranormal films.   This will start on Saturday 18th October if you'd like to pop that in your diary now. I hope at least a couple of my fellow paranormal friends/followers would like to join in.  Watch out for more information at the end of September.

After that shameless plug, here's the Autumn bucket list:

1. Make a hedgehog house
2. Go on a 'midnight' walk with T
3. Newport Pagnell ghost walk with the teens
4. Make toffee apples
5. Make a scarecrow
6. Forage sweet chestnuts
7. Listen to the dawn chorus
8. Watch bats
9. Make moss graffiti
10. Leave chalk messages

Now before I get accused of being an irresponsible parent, I'd just like to point out that our 'midnight' walks are actually when the sun goes down and not at midnight.  When H was small, we did them with him and he loved them, we'd get wrapped up after dark and went out with torches and glow sticks, looking for bats, owls and other nocturnal wildlife around our village, we want to introduce that to T now he's getting older.

So that's it.  I will be back with a round-up of our Summer bucket list after 21st September.

Enjoy what's left of the sunshine and remember, you have 20 more days in which to cram in summer activities, have fun! :) Lx

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