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|CREATE|The rainbow fish CD craft

Today's ocean themed craft is brought to you from our friends over at 3princessesand1dude they have made these amazing CD fishes, T and I will be trying them out at the weekend too, what a great recycling project!  Thank you so much for contributing to our ocean month.
And so without further ado, over to Becky!
This week we have been reading stories and doing some Under The Sea activities. Our favourite story was The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. We watched the story HERE. The monsters loved the animation and were all enthralled by the 6 minute video!

Whilst they watched the video in set up a quick activity so we could make our own rainbow fish.

To Make 1 fish you will need:

PVA  Glue
Googly Eye
Sticky Gems
Anything Colourful you can stick!
First of all cover the shiny side of the CD in glue..then stick on your gems/sequins and other sparkly bits! Add a googly eye and leave to dry. 
Whilst your waiting draw some fish lips and a tail and glue to the respective sides of the CD you should end up with something like this:
We made a shoal of fish and made an interactive art piece! complete with blue wavy sea (a blue sheet!!) and seaweed (ripped strips of crepe paper). The monsters loved making their fish 'swim' around!
We love how sparkly and shiny and rainbowy they turned out! And what a use for those old scratched CD's!! 
We have a pinterest board dedicated to all things 'ocean themed' for small children, have a look for some ideas, or better still follow us, all of this months ocean blog posts will be added throughout the month.  We will be tagging all of our activities and food with #booboxocean if you'd like to follow or join in over on Instagram or twitter.  All the ocean themed posts on the blog can be found here.
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